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24 July 2018

How to feed your pet during the holidays?

To prepare delicious dishes for your pets when you are not at home may be more difficult. The Eurovet veterinary surgery give you advice on meals […]
17 July 2018

How to prevent your dog overweight?

Overweight and, of course, pet obesity reduce their life expectancy, due to a greater risk of disease. In France and England, more than 2 out of […]
17 July 2018

What should they eat?

Many petowner consider their pets as human beings: this is known as anthropomorphism. What does that mean in terms of diet? Can and should they eat […]
21 February 2014

Premium PetFood: because our pets are worth it!

As for human beings, pets have now specific adapted nutrients.    
28 December 2012

Does your animal need a diet?

Obesity affects more and more animals and decreases their life expectancy. An animal is considered as obese when it exceeds of 20 % its ideal weight. […]
8 October 2012

How to avoid that your cat puts on weight

The weight’s gain in pets decreases their life expectancy because of a bigger risk of disease. In France and in England, more than 2 animals on […]