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Pets Jealousy

Pets jealousy

Sometimes the arrival of another person in the home can have negative impact on our pets.

Your pets become jealous? They change their behavior since the arrival of a new partner? They do everything to get your attention? We give you some tips to establish a harmonious cohabitation.


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Pet Independence

Pet independence

Clinique vétérinaire - Independance animaux

Dogs are the human’s best friend while cats are more independent. This is just one more stereotype: each of them has its part of independence and loyalty. Although cats don’t always follow your orders, they are faithful to their territory and their owners. The Eurovet veterinary surgery gives you some explanations.



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Puppy Class

Puppy Class

"Properly trained, dog may be the man's best friend" Throughout its development, your puppy is exploring the world around him, learning to relate to it and socialization with other individuals whether of the same species or not. The apprenticeship he…

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Car journeys

Veterinaria Peñiscola Eurovet - Car journeys

The car represents the most common means of transport for our pets. Generally, dogs and cats are very well by car since they were been used to be transported. Cats travel generally in their basket / cage of transport and dogs where they will not bother the driver. From then on, for our pets, the car is a little a second mobile home in which they left their smell, what reassures them. However, contrary to what we can think, all do not appreciate it…



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Winter Fatigue: Your Pets Spend A Lot Of Time Sleeping

Winter Fatigue: Your pets spend a lot of time sleeping

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Winter Fatigue

Today, some pieces of advice about the Season changes:

Your pets spend most of their time sleeping and that worries you? Do not worry, it is normal! The winter, days decrease, the darkness wins on the light: pets may live indoor, they are not less sensitive to the changes of seasons there. As a result, they sleep more than they used to during the rest of the year. It is a completely natural compensatory behavior due to the climatic modifications and to the decrease of the hours of light.


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