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Canine Leishmaniasis

Canine Leishmaniasis

Veterinary Clinic - Leishmaniasis - FlebotomoThe Clinic Eurovet advised you that Leishmaniasis is a serious disease in dogs. It is caused by a blood parasite that is transmitted by the bite of a female mosquito of the genus Phlebotomus. This mosquito lives in the Mediterranean area. The most critical periods are the months from March to October, and among them at the end of afternoon and early in the morning are the maximum exposure. The highest risk group is the group of dogs living outdoors and sleeping outside.

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How To Master Your Pet’s Fear Of The Veterinarian

How to master your pet’s fear of the veterinarian

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - How to master your pet’s fear of the veterinarianGoing to the veterinarian is a nightmare for them? Even you fear this moment? Some advice to make this moment becomes less difficult. The majority of cats or dogs arrive worried at the veterinarian. The unknown environment, the bad memory, the pain, the disease, the other present animals, the smell: so many factors which put animals in unpleasant position.

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Winter Fatigue: Your Pets Spend A Lot Of Time Sleeping

Winter Fatigue: Your pets spend a lot of time sleeping

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Winter Fatigue

Today, some pieces of advice about the Season changes:

Your pets spend most of their time sleeping and that worries you? Do not worry, it is normal! The winter, days decrease, the darkness wins on the light: pets may live indoor, they are not less sensitive to the changes of seasons there. As a result, they sleep more than they used to during the rest of the year. It is a completely natural compensatory behavior due to the climatic modifications and to the decrease of the hours of light.


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Animals Suffer As Us

Animals suffer as us

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Animals suffer as usIt is not always easy to understand the messages our pet tries to make us pass by its acts. The Eurovet veterinary clinic helps you to interpret them. We wanted for a long time to ignore that animals suffered too. As it could not express their pain with words, it was easier to deny its existence. And nevertheless, confronted with the pain, the animal suffers as us and changes its behavior.


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Senility In Pets

Senility in pets

Veterinario Peñiscola Eurovet - Senility in pets

The disorders caused by the cerebral ageing do not affect only men. Animals are also subject to the problems of orientation or to the progressive loss of the memory. In old dogs, there is a disease similar to Alzheimer (which only exists in humans): the confusional syndrome… All the things which your pets learnt fade little by little of their memory.


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