Articles about domestic animals illnesses and pathologies

23 May 2018

Canine Leishmaniasis

The Clinic Eurovet advised you that Leishmaniasis is a serious disease in dogs. It is caused by a blood parasite that is transmitted by the bite […]
13 October 2014
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How to master your pet’s fear of the veterinarian

Going to the veterinarian is a nightmare for them? Even you fear this moment? Some advice to make this moment becomes less difficult. The majority of […]
1 January 2014

Domestic accidents involving pets

  Home is a place where a lot of accidents could be avoided. A lot of them currently happen because of a lack of caution.
28 June 2013

Cautious with the Rabies

Eurovet reminds you that this disease is still vigorous and really dangerous. That’s why you need to be careful.
8 June 2013

How to fight fleas

  Unwanted fleas.   Wherever you live, fleas are terrible insects that cause itching.
3 March 2013

How to know when your pets are suffering

It is not always obvious to know when your pet suffers, and thus, to look after him. We help you to reveal the signs of suffering. […]
23 November 2012

Winter Fatigue: Your pets spend a lot of time sleeping

Today, some pieces of advice about the Season changes: Your pets spend most of their time sleeping and that worries you? Do not worry, it is […]
7 November 2012

Animals suffer as us

It is not always easy to understand the messages our pet tries to make us pass by its acts. The Eurovet veterinary clinic helps you to […]
20 October 2012

Cats Anxiety

Eurovet informs you about cats anxiousness. Very famous for being independents, our cats can be very anxious and depressives. Eurovet tells you today how to quiet […]