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Car journeys

Veterinaria Peñiscola Eurovet - Car journeys

The car represents the most common means of transport for our pets. Generally, dogs and cats are very well by car since they were been used to be transported. Cats travel generally in their basket / cage of transport and dogs where they will not bother the driver. From then on, for our pets, the car is a little a second mobile home in which they left their smell, what reassures them. However, contrary to what we can think, all do not appreciate it…



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The Ferret

The ferret

Eurovet Surgery - The ferret

Adopted by more and more homes in England, the ferret, a small very nice animal, is famous. This diurnal animal can live freely in the house. It’s possible to educate it without any trouble if you want him to make its needs in a cat litter. It becomes perfectly used to the presence of the other animals, except the rodents and the rabbits, because its instinct of hunter may come back. It’s better to avoid young children’s presence because he might bite them.

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